Brilliant Bickley Smashing The States

CACC Single Regular Season Goal Record – 24 goals
Wilmu Single Regular Season Goal Record – 24 goals
26 Goals in total right now and counting.
Most Points in a single season and counting – 55 points


It hasn’t been a bad season for Lorne Bickley over in America has it?!


bickley 1


The Jerseyman is seemingly breaking records with every kick of the ball he takes, improving as a player in the process.


I caught up with him to see what he thinks of his progression personally, and his answers are an inspiration to any young sports star in Jersey, let alone the up and coming football talents.


Here is the interview!


bickley 2


Just how good has this season been for yourself and the team over in America!

Its been a great season. The main core of the team returned to play this year, who were involved in a great run last year which was great. We have lots of seniors as most of us have all played for 4 years together so it’s beneficial. As a team we have broke many records. It’s a very diverse team regarding where we all come from, but we bond well on and off the pitch and all have the same goal which makes us so successful. Personal achievements have been overwhelming. I am happy to have done what I have done so far… however I want a team award (CACC champions or NCAA champions) at the end and this is the biggest goal for me personally.



Breaking records left, right and centre. How happy are you achieving these?


As I said breaking these records have been overwhelming. After losing a year on the side-lines last year due to 2x meniscus surgeries. I was more driven to come back and make an impact. I have always tried to help push the team and I think myself and many others on this team are doing a fantastic job at allowing us to create these team and individual records.


bickley 3


Just how hard was it to break the league record?



I wasn’t aware of the league record until about the 17th goal. Coach JB (Anthony Alisson, former record holder) has really took me under his wing since I arrived here. He has continued to push me and support me which has given me the goal to break his records. With this team and the way we play it gives you the opportunities to break these records. I just must be clinical in front of goal as the opportunities are always there.


Bickley 1

Has being in America improved you as a player overall do you feel?


Since being here in America, I feel as if I have really matured physically and mentally. You train 6x a week and play 2x a week. We watch games back, have a statistician which calculates different stats (e.g. pass percentage, tackle percentage, shots on goal, etc). It’s tough on the body towards the end of the season where you begin to get knocks and niggles. You have all the tools to improve, which is advantageous for our team. However, I’ve loved every minute of being here and really feel like I have adapted to a good standard and been able to improve my game overall. As well as learn vital life lessons on and off the pitch.


Was there a favourite goal in there along the way for you?


I don’t really have a favourite goal from this season to be honest. I don’t tend to dwell on that sort of stuff. I just feel like every goal that is scored contributes towards a team goal at the end of the season and that will be winning a championship.

bickley 4


Are you keeping up with the Jersey Bulls?

Yes, I follow the Bulls on every social media platform. Before leaving in summer I spoke with Gary, and the plans he has for the bulls are exciting for all involved. I really hope they keep doing what they’re doing. It’s a great set up. I always see they’re doing well and have started off with some good results. It’s a great factor for Jersey Football, and a great way to not only put Jersey on the map, but also to show the talent and hospitality Jersey have to offer.


Lorne has certainly left an impression state-side and the future will be bright for the 21 year old, be that over in America or here in Jersey!


Bickley still has a semi-final and hopefully a final of the Conference Tournament, along with the National Tournament still to play, so don’t be surprised if he bags a few more goals in those games!


Bickley 4


A big thanks to Lorne for taking time to speak with me, and it shows that if you work hard and remain humble that you can make it as a very respectable football player.

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