Meet The Sportscast Jersey Team: Dan Andrade

By Georgina Barnes

Meet Dan: the mastermind and creator behind what you’ve come to love – Sportscast Jersey. Graduating from the University of Chichester with a degree in Sports Media in 2019, Dan came back to Jersey and brought Sportscast Jersey to the Island. Want to find out more about him? Well lucky for you I asked him a couple of questions so you can! 

Who are you?

I am Daniel Andrade and I am the founder Sportscast Jersey. We’ve been up and running for two years now! 

What are you passionate about?

My main passion is sport, which I am lucky enough to be around every day! Having played football and badminton on island growing up, I always have enjoyed both playing and watching any sport. This may cause conflict, but I am also a big Manchester United fan! When not around sport, I love eating out at the many stunning restaurants in Jersey! 

Where’s your favourite place in Jersey?

For me, any beach in the summer is a good place to be. I love spending the day down Ouaisne, especially when the tide is coming up all day. Portelet is also a favourite of mine, and Greve de Lecq too. I could also eat at Restaurante Italia every day if you let me.

What inspired you to start Sportscast Jersey and when did you decide to create it? 

I had just graduated from The University of Chichester where I did Sports Media and there weren’t many jobs available at the time. I was actually on holiday in Greece when I first thought of the idea. I wanted to create a media outlet that spread positive news around all sports in Jersey! It started as a podcast and has continued to grow ever since!

What’s the best moment that’s come with creating Sportscast Jersey? 

There have been a lot! From working with other people with the same passions, to seeing sports players at their happiest, be that scoring a goal or winning a cup final. Covering The British & Irish Lions and Superleague Triathlon Jersey has been amazing too! To have the chance to interview Olympians is a privilege. 

How do you feel about the support you get from the islanders who love sportscast Jersey?

The support Sportscast Jersey has received has been absolutely amazing and I can’t thank everyone enough! From clubs as a whole, to the individuals who we have interviewed, they’ve all been great! I hope we can keep producing content for many more years and keep people of all ages interested in Sportscast Jersey! 

How awesome are your extra contributors? 

They’re amazing. From yourself on the writing side of things, to Max Young who has been so good behind the lens for Sportscast Jersey, everyone has been superb! Without them, Sportscast Jersey would be nothing so they deserve all the credit in the world!

Where do you see Sportscast Jersey going in the future? 

Hopefully we can keep it growing even bigger, with more opportunities to branch out into different types of coverage and content! Sponsorship is obviously a big goal, to team up with different local businesses and help each other grow. Most importantly though it’s just to keep it fun and positive because sport in Jersey is brilliant and there are so many amazing sport stars who deserve the limelight! 

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