As Jersey Hockey teams head away to Guernsey for a long awaited Inter-Insular between the two islands, Dan Andrade has caught up with a few key faces in the Jersey camp!

Yesterday he spoke to the islands women’s hockey captain Natacha Kay about how the ladies have prepared for their game, and today Dan caught up with Sarah Heelis about the two U16 Inter-Insulars coming up tomorrow!

The full preview is below!

How exciting is it to have the prospect of an inter-insular coming up this weekend?  

The prospect of taking on Guernsey not once but twice this season is an exciting one!  You never quite know what to expect so it is always good to measure our development against their peers in Guernsey.  It is always rewarding when we get the best Jersey has to offer into the top teams and we are excited to pit ourselves against the old ‘enemy’!  We will play them again on 5th March 2022 in Jersey at U16 level.

How much preparation has gone into the games?  

We got the ‘call’ from Guernsey at the end of September.  Trials were held in the middle of October and we have been training weekly ever since.

Who should we look out for in the teams?  We will not single out anyone.  The girls and boys will play for each other and play well as Team Jersey!

How do you teach the younger teams about the importance of games against Guernsey? 

A healthy competitiveness between these two islands is obvious and many of the boys and girls have already experienced inter insular rivalry – it is a fantastic buzz to play for your island and we encourage them to enjoy it and to do their island and themselves proud!

How keen are the players for the game?  

As briefly touched upon above the girls and boys will be keen to beat the old ‘enemy’ – there will be nerves but both teams have trained well and are ready to go!

When are the two games and how can people follow the action?  

The girls play at 9am on Saturday morning and the boys are scheduled to play at 1.30pm that afternoon.  We are hoping to provide a live stream of the matches for supporters to watch in our Clubhouse but this has still to be finalised.

Good luck to both U16 sides! Enjoy yourselves and know all of Jersey are cheering you from afar!

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