Jersey Bulls have done a brilliant job since forming their men’s side. Earning promotion on the pitch, providing platforms for island players to get spotted off island and earn trials.

Off the pitch it has been just as successful. From those on the board, to the volunteers who create such a brilliant atmosphere, the jobs the people behind the scenes have done are not praised enough. The media team is providing content second to none in their league and many non-league sides above them, meaning the club is being highlighted on the English football map.

This season the club formed an U23s side, with all involved gaining experience of playing off island in cup competitions. This has no doubt helped develop the next generation of men’s footballers here in Jersey.

What next? Well there has been talk of a women’s side forming, albeit with nothing concrete just yet. Dan caught up with Sam Silva and Sofia Rodrigues, two of the current crop of Jersey Wanderers’ Women’s side, about what they think of the idea!

Sofia started by stating ‘Personally, I think it is a great idea! To have a Bulls team formed with many of the islands most talented female players who could then be showcased when competing off island against other English teams is amazing! With having seen the success that the men’s team have achieved, I feel there is no reason as to why we can’t reciprocate this in the women’s game.’

Sam added ‘An opportunity like this would boost women’s football here in Jersey massively. It would motivate the younger generation to get involved in women’s football.

The current island representative continued ‘When first hearing about a Jersey Women’s Bulls side, players were super keen on the idea.  I believe having a Women’s Bulls would be a fantastic opportunity. Having 18 games to play, 9 being home and 9 being away, it would promote women’s football and encourage our players to improve further.’

Sofia, who has impressed in her first season in the senior league added ‘Particularly for the upcoming generation, it gives an extra purpose for playing. It definitely gives me that bit more encouragement to improve and I’m sure many others would say the same. Individually I am already ambitious as it is, yet having an opportunity like this will certainly give me that extra desire and motivation to better myself with something to work hard towards.’

Sofia ended by saying ‘I’m hoping that it happens as I believe it is definitely what the Islands women’s football needs, as it could also increase the chances of other opportunities arising going forward, and so I think it is a very good place to start.’

Sam echoed those thoughts ‘I’m very hopeful this will eventually happen. Having both Men and Women involved with the Bulls would be an amazing asset to Jersey, so fingers crossed it will go ahead.’

It is certainly clear what both Sam and Sofia feel about the prospect of a Jersey Bulls Women’s side forming, but we will have to wait and see what happens! It would be a big boost for the women’s game here in Jersey, that is for sure.

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