Local Football: The Assistant, Turned Manager’s Thoughts

As we continue to look at local football from those within the game, I caught up with someone who’s club has had an up and down season to date.

Glenn Le Moignan, Trinity’s stand in manager, shared his thoughts, experiences and ideas with myself.

Here is what he had to say:




What are your honest opinions of Jersey in football as a whole? 

My personal opinion is that most clubs are struggling to field two teams. When you compare this to previous years most clubs have had three teams. This could be down to lack of interest from players aswell as various other reasons.


Is there birth of Jersey Bulls FC a good thing?

The introduction of Jersey Bulls is arguably the best thing that has happened to local football in a long time! It’s brilliant for the top players in the league to be pushed and play at a better standard #bullsbulls.

team pic


How about the league? Is it more or less competitive?

The local league is more competitive as we can see from the various results already this season! That is a plus in the local leagues without a doubt.


What has your experiences been like so far this season?

My experiences this season has been up and down! We have struggled for results but hoping to turn it around! A few negatives have been games being cancelled due to weather but we all know this is an issue in Jersey Football, but we can’t control the weather!


What would you suggest we do to improve football on the island?

I would suggest putting a limit on how many players one club can sign. I know that overloading doesn’t happen within many clubs, but putting a limit will help other clubs get the number which they require and need.

boots and balls

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