Family Outing To Climb Kilimanjaro For Jersey Hospice

Mount Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano in Tanzania with it’s summit of 5,895 metres or 19,341 feet above sea level. So the thought of climbing it is something only the most daring and determined would do.


Louise and Tom Carrington are doing just that. The mum and son duo have started to train towards what will be a long, but memorable climb in January.



I caught up with Tom about why they are taking on the challenge, how training is going and how people can donate.


I started off by asking how he has found lockdown to date, Tom replied saying ‘It hasn’t been so bad to be honest. I have been keeping myself fit, and I have been back in the office for three weeks now so things are back to normal for me in most aspects. My first boxing fight for Jersey Leonis had to be cancelled due to Covid-19 and it was only 2 weeks away from fight night before lockdown happened so I cant wait to get back boxing and ready for the next fight.’
On the idea to climb Kilamanjaro, Tom added ‘I have been trying to convince my mum for years to do this with me and since my holiday to Thailand was cancelled, I have put a lot of money from that trip towards the climb. The main reason for doing it is in memory of my grandma who passed away to lung cancer. It was a really rough time for the whole family as we were very close so we want to raise money for the charity, Jersey Hospice, who did the most for her and provided unbelievable care. They looked after my nan so well. They provided the highest quality of care and I appreciate everything they did for her. My nan – she was like a mother to me. I’m sure everyone thinks of their nan the same. Special women. ‘




The climb itself isn’t for the faint-hearted and for many it is the biggest challenge that they dare to do, so I asked Tom whether he had done anything like this before in his life. He replied,  ‘Never! This year has been a big year for me in terms of fitness. I was two weeks away from my first fight at Leonis, which has been a goal of mine for two years now so I just want to keep setting challenges for myself.’
As part of the training for the climb, Tom has signed up for the Jersey Marathon, which, in itself, is a big achievement to do. I asked him whether he was looking forward to this part of his training, ‘I mean I am excited to finish the marathon for sure, but the training is going to be very hard! I really enjoy running now though. Before 2020 I hated running, but it is a big part of training for boxing and once you get yourself going it is really good for clearing the head. Nothing beats it.’
Fundraising for the Carrington’s climb is well underway, and I asked Tom how it has gone so far, and what their targets are. ‘Me and my mum set a target for £1,000 and we are already on £1,345 which is amazing. We are so thankful for the donations.’


Finally, I asked what he was most looking forward to about the climb – reaching the top, or maybe even reaching the bottom again and having a beer! Tom answered ‘Definitely reaching the top. Being above the clouds will be a crazy experience. But, I cant lie, a week in Zanzibar after the climb will top it off.’



I would like to wish Louise and Tom the best of luck in their mammoth challenge, and also with the Jersey Marathon for Tom. If you could spare any money, the link can be found on the link to the interview, as well as Louise’s and Tom’s Facebook pages – all donations in aid of the Jersey Hospice.

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