Savory’s Sensational Season With The Crazy Gang

Sporting Academics’ Jamie Savory has been nominated for Jersey Combination Premiership’s Player of The Season award along with champions Jersey Wanderers’ Logan McGhee and St Ouen’s Jake Prince, showing just how good a season the 32 year old has had.


Savory scored a very impressive 15 goals in just 11 matches this season, coming joint second on the overall goal scoring leader-board, being level with McGhee and only being behind Prince, having played nine and seven less games than the pair respectively.


Sportscast Jersey caught up with the attacker, talking about different matters such as his footballing idols growing up, playing for Jersey’s version of the famous Wimbledon crazy gang in Accies and how his daughter has pushed him to take football more seriously than ever.



How has lockdown been for you?

Lockdown has been okay as it can be. It hasn’t been good not seeing my family and friends, but I’ve been at work through nearly all of it. One thing it has been good for is getting out on the bike and doing some running which you wouldn’t catch me doing any other time!


Have you always loved football?

For sure. I have always supported Tottenham Hotspurs since I can remember as my dad did. My footballing idols growing up were Jurgen Klinsmann (best celebration I had seen) and the real, original Ronaldo.


Soccer - FA Carling Premiership - Tottenham Hotspur - Jurgen Klinsmann Photocall


When did you first start to play? Did you ever play any other sport?

I’ve always played football from very young age. From the days playing on the estate , to the first time we could play in primary school. I love it. I did play other sports such as Karate where I was European Champion up at Fort Regent. I just did the Shawn Micheals sweet chin music kick through the whole tournament and won it!



Have you always played for Accies, or did you play for other clubs through your career?

I started off at rozel from the U14s until the u18s. I then signed for the mighty Accies MTA (Mon The Accies). I have also played for Jersey Wanderers twice and also Jersey Scottish. I am obviously now back at my home, the mighty Accies MTA.

savory 2



How much do you enjoy playing for Accies – how tight is the group?

What can you say about the mighty Accies. We are a bunch of mad men and I wouldn’t change it for the world. All of the lads are good mates/brothers who have known each other for years. The crack we have as a team can’t be beaten. Nothing but laughs, and win or lose we’re going for a pint after the match.


How was last season?

The season was a good one for us. We were up there pushing for a higher finish in the league. We have goals in us and brilliant players but we just let ourselves down sometimes, be that through bad attitude or fitness. We are here for a laugh and a game of football, but we just need to know when to control ourselves.


savory 3


You have scored 15 goals in 11 games in a brilliant personal season – how proud of this are you?

My biggest fan is my daughter (and a couple of the Accie ultras) so it’s been a nice achievement. She has enjoyed coming to the games and luckily I’ve been scoring, probably because she makes me take it more serious.


You have also been nominated for the player of the season award, how pleasing is that?

I’ve had a couple votes before and never won it so you never know it might be my year. My fitness isn’t what it used to be so it’s been a great kick to get fitter again, and to see what a 100% Savo has to offer the Premiership.




You have played considerably less games than the other two nominees, and others who may have been in the running – does that make it even more special?

Not really special, but it does make me think that if I didn’t get that red card there could of been plenty more goals on that end of season goal total.



Are you staying at Accies next season to try push on to finish higher up in the table?

Yeah I am staying at the mighty accies MTA. El Pizze (Pedro) is in charge now and we’re looking to finish first this year, no messing about. We have got a big name player lined up already, so we just need a couple center backs if anyone reading this knows any!?




What are your goals for the future – eyes on a JFA/Jersey Bulls/Parishes of Jersey call up?

I don’t have any real goals. I just want to get fitter and keep having a crack with the boys. Hopefully the goals will still be flowing too, we will see. Parishes of Jersey manager James Scott has my number in terms of the call up – I wouldn’t mind one more go at a tournament.



A big thanks to Jamie for his time, and everyone at Sportscast Jersey would like to wish him all the best of luck as a nominee for the Player Of The Season awards and all at Accies the best for next season, whenever that does come around!


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