Special Scottish Day At Springfield

It has been many years since we have seen the great Jersey Scottish sides in action, but they return this Saturday.


In what is the first game being hosted at Springfield Stadium post lockdown, and unfortunately behind closed doors, Jersey Scottish Juniors Class of 1998 take on a Jersey Scottish Legends XI in what is set to be a special day for all involved.




When asked how the idea of the game first came out, James Scott responded ‘I got sent a photo of our Scottish U18s team a few months ago and I decided to start up a WhatsApp group of everyone in it. We had a good giggle talking about the old times and someone mentioned about trying to get a friendly for old times sake. So I thought why not and got the ball rolling.’


The game will be a special one, but quite possibly a slower one to what they were used to in their great Jersey Scottish days. Scott added ‘There will be a real mixture (of players). All the players have played for Scottish over the years. There will be some players who have had a fair few Muratti caps and others that probably don’t own a pair of boots anymore! Some will still be able to hold their own, whist others will be getting stick in the pub after the game!’


In terms of managers, Scott has ensured two legends have returned for the day. ‘Tommy Querns will be manager for the Class of 98 team just like it was back in the day. Mr Jersey Scottish Pat Brennan will be the manager of the Scottish Legends team.’


scottish 1

It has been a while since they have all played together, and for some it has been a long time since they have even seen some faces! ‘We last played a long time ago! Jersey Scottish was a hugely successful club for a number of years a while back so it will good to get together again, talk about the old times and funny stories….mainly by Pat Brennan! It will be great to get all the old faces together again.’


In terms of his predictions for this very special occasion, Scott told Sportscast Jersey that he predicts ‘The young team (all turned 40 now mind you) to win by the odd goal. It should be a good game…..but an even better social. I wouldn’t put any money on me to score, but one thing I can guarantee is that Ross Crick will not pass the football.’


It is set to be a memorable day (until the pints kick in after the game) and Sportscast Jersey shall be at the game ensuring that memories can be kept for all involved.


Good luck to all the players – let’s see who can still hack the Springfield Stadium pitch!

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