Darcy Kelly Handed Dream Christmas Present To Host Radio 1 Anthems

Very talented local radio presenter Darcy Kelly has been handed the opportunity to present on Radio 1 on the 28th and 29th December.

Darcy, who works for local radio station Channel 103, will be hosting Radio 1 Anthems to millions of people across the UK in what is a dream job and a golden chance to shine for the 20 year old.

Dan Andrade caught up with the rising star, and asked various questions about her career to date, her love for music and how much she is looking forward to the opportunity of working on Radio 1.

Have you always loved music?

Always! I used to sing a lot when I was younger including a lot of stage performances when I was at school. I did Music GCSE and A-Level so it has always been apart of me. Whatever mood you are in, music can enhance it. I love going to live concerts so it has always been such a massive part of my life. I love it.

Who are your favourite singers/bands?

Obviously, when I was a bit younger, being a teenage girl, I adored One Direction and Justin Bieber. They were my favourites. Now I would say my music taste of more varied. One day I will be listening to the whole Hamilton soundtrack, the next I would be listening to Dave so it really does vary. I like to branch out and listen to new genres too, so it all depends what mood I am in.

When did the idea of becoming a radio presenter come about?

If you would have said to me three years ago that I would be a radio presenter, I would have laughed. I never thought that I had a nice voice so it never crossed my mind. I joined 103 when I was just 18 and had finished my A-Levels. It was nothing to do with presenting when I went for the job as it was an Assistant Programming job. They said, why don’t you do a demo and trial it out. As soon as I did my first live show, after a few months of training, I knew it was for me.

How much have the guys at Channel 103 helped you to develop?

I have been here two years now and I have come so far. I didn’t go to university and that was the best thing I ever did. Everyone on the team here are so lovely and talented, and I have learnt so much from everyone. I currently work as the digital coordinator along with presenting so it is fun doing a mix of both.

How nervous were you going into your first ever live show?

I was a bundle of nerves as expected as I was dropped in the deep end, but that was the best thing ever as you learn on the job. I did my first live show on a daytime show between 10am-2pm and I was shaking. I knew from that first show that this is what I wanted to do. It was for me. Practice makes perfect and I am always learning.

How good is it to learn off experienced presenters such as Peter Mac, too?

Peter is an absolute dream. He is a lovely guy and knows what to say to put you at ease and is great to learn off. Liam Cash as well. He is only 27 but is so talented at what he does. They are all brilliant to learn off, but you have to remember to be yourself and have your own style. You have to be you, and that is something I struggled with to start with. I was quite basic with my links but now I try to come out of my shell and be as I would with a mate having a coffee. Being yourself is one of the most important things you need to do to be a radio presenter.

When did the Radio 1 opportunity first come about?

I saw that applications were open for Christmas presenters on my Twitter at work on my lunch break. Liam was sat next to me and seriously encouraged me to go for it so I can’t thank him enough for doing that because I wouldn’t have done it otherwise. I made a demo in August, and didn’t think I would hear anything back as it was Radio 1. However, I got a message from a guy called Jacob who is a very very talented producer at Radio 1 and I genuinely thought somebody was winding me up. I facetimed him and he asked me to go to Manchester to record a pilot show on Radio 1 Anthems but everything was up in the air because of Covid, so it was changed to London. I went there, met Greg James, Scott Mills and Chris Stark all in one day which was mental. I thought, even if I don’t get called back I have had the best day ever. I walked into the Live Lounge and looked to my left and Greg James was literally sat there waving, and I looked behind to see if he was waving at someone else, but no, he was waving at me! He came into the studio that I was recording in and had a nice chat. It was madness.

How pleased were you when you heard back?

I was in the Co-Op before my evening show one night and got the call from Aled, the head of Radio 1. He said I had been successful and I was in shock. I then couldn’t tell anybody for two weeks! I was over the moon though. Radio 1 (aside from Channel 103) is my favourite radio station. The music is just me, they are so slick and there are so many talented people that work there. I still can’t get my head around it. I feel like it is a dream and somebody is going to shake me and wake me up. It is mad.

How hard was it to keep it a secret?

I couldn’t tell any of my mates and my mates are the pushiest friends in the world. They knew something was happening because I am usually so vocal. This was so exciting and I wanted to scream it from the rooftops, so it was very difficult! It was the longest two weeks ever, but now everyone knows, it is a massive weight off my shoulders.

How much did the reaction from people on social media mean to you?

The support was immense. I have never been so overwhelmed with so many messages, calls and comments. It was lovely to see so much support and was exactly what I needed as it is so amazing, but so terrifying at the same time to be on Radio 1. It was incredible but I can’t thank everyone enough for the support and them believing in me.

Are you looking forward to presenting Radio 1?

It is nerve-racking and talking about it makes me a little shaky but it is a massive dream of mine, and I would have never said no to such an amazing opportunity. It is so surreal, but I am so excited for the show I am presenting too. I won’t say too much, but the years I have been given for Radio 1 Anthems is the year I had my prom year, so school disco vibes. I can’t wait, it is so exciting.

When are you on, and will little Jersey get mentioned?

I am Radio 1 Anthems from 2pm on Monday 28th December and Tuesday 29th December. That is so mad to say! I am on for four hours. Jersey will of course get a mention! It is going to be so crazy. I can’t wait to have all the Jersey crew listening and supporting.

Is the dream to do this regularly at Radio 1?

Yeah, for sure. I think all of the Christmas presenters this year dream of getting a full time job at Radio 1. Who wouldn’t! Who knows what will happen in the next few years. I am still only 20 and trying to learn and develop into what I want to be like as a presenter and this opportunity will go a long way to helping me do that.

A big thanks to Darcy for taking some time to speak to Dan. All at Sportscast Jersey look forward to hearing her shine on Radio 1, and wish her the best of luck!

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