Eve ‘The Jab Hand’ Watson is just over a week away from stepping in the ring for The Rock White Collar and she is edging to get her gloves on and fight.

Dan Andrade caught up with the island footballer about her experience in a different sport, how much she has enjoyed the training and whether she is excited or nervous about the fight itself!

Read it all below!

When did you first think of signing up for a white collar event?

Back in August 2019, I was seeking a new challenge. Being from a football background, I wanted to try something new, exciting, and out of my comfort zone. I had been training at The Rock for a couple of months and the next white collar was being organised for June 2020. After a few chats with Craig Culkin (owner of The Rock Fitness), and as a challenge to myself turning 30 in the January, the decision was made. I had always loved the idea of the event but never thought I would pluck up the courage to do it. 2 years and 1 pandemic later, I finally get to step into the ring.

Have you always been a boxing fan? Do you have anyone you look up to in the pro

I’ve not always been a boxing fan, but I am now! Boxing has taught me a lot about myself. Before I started boxing I was not in a great place mentally. Boxing has given me loads of confidence both physically and mentally and a focused way to channel my stress, anger, and worry.I have been watching boxing for around two years now and when I watch it makes me think ‘I can’t wait until I can do it’. Katie Taylor is one that I watch the most. She’s an amazing competitor and despite having setbacks in her career, she has always given 100%. Boxing has always remained her main sport, but she has also represented club and country in football for Ireland. She has worked incredibly hard to get to where she is and has been supported by her family all the way through. She’s committed to everything she does, and she never stops till she gets what she wants. Some may say this sounds a little bit like me (just without the pro status!).

How intense has the training been for the fight?

The training has been amazing. It starts with small steps to ease but the pace quickly increases. I thought I was fit until I started boxing! It is a completely different type of fitness. We have trained 3-4 times a week as a group. The classes are intense and challenging but fun at the same time, the more intense it is the more I enjoy it. I have always loved training and keeping myself fit.

How good has it been to work with people like Tommy throughout this training camp?

What can we say about Tommy boy? If you know Tommy, you will know how much he loves a moan and how he can call you every name under the sun in class, but deep down he’s a big softy, he likes to push people to the best of their abilities and he’s very passionate about his job. Top tip to keep him happy – supply him with coffee and chocolate! Thanks for everything T.G.

Are you excited for fight night, or are there any nerves?

Being nervous or being excited are the same thing – the heart beats faster, cortisol surges and the body prepares for action. It’s then a choice whether we tell ours that these signals are nerves or excitement – I’m excited! It has been a long two-year wait and now I am only days away from stepping in the ring. It has been an amazing journey. I never focus on the emotional side of performance, I focus on the job I need to do – I can’t wait and I know I’m going to love it.

You’re raising Money for charities too – tell us more about that?

That’s correct! We are raising money for Macmillan cancer support Jersey and Mind Jersey. Two very good charities and two that touch the lives of so many people. Macmillan is a charity very close to my heart, my Dad sadly lost his fight with cancer in 2012 and Macmillan were amazing with making his fight that little bit easier, as well as supporting my family through the hard times. Mind Jersey is another amazing charity – The more money raised for this charity the more research can be found to understand and help the factors influencing mental health.

Are you excited to see friends and family in the crowd supporting you as well? How
special will that be?

Of course, I am really excited. My family and friends are my biggest motivators. My family support me with everything I strive to do. As well as my family, my friends are my biggest motivators and heroes, they are always on hand to give me that little spark and it’s something I certainly need on the night. My partner Lucy has been amazing throughout and I can’t thank her enough for the support she has shown throughout the training. I can only imagine as amazing as they are now, they will be right behind me on the night cheering me on.

How much would you recommend others to do this in future years?

If you love setting yourself challenges and want to push yourself out of your comfort zone and be in the best shape of your life. Do it!

Do you have any goals for the fight, or is it just to get the win in whatever way possible?

Of course, my aim is to win! But my main goal is to enjoy it, stay focused, and let my boxing do the talking. Whatever happens, I will be proud of what I am doing and what I have achieved.

Finally, how can people get tickets for the event?

Tickets are sold through The Rock but mostly through the participants. If anybody is interested get in touch quickly! Its likely to be a sell out with the first White Collar event since the pandemic. There is also a weigh in on Friday 30th October from 6:30pm at the Royal Yacht for anyone interested.

A huge good luck to Eve, and all who are taking part on the night! We hope that you enjoy the experience!

DONATE: https://sportsgiving.co.uk/sponsorship/entry/541526?fbclid=IwAR2JYLL5vYHSMqgeLJ7qiu00bHj1iP-9lrWLqiR_MHFZUIMqFQh5S-HwZIU

The Rock White Collar Website:

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