Anita Tavares jetted off to America looking to develop as a footballer and seeking new experiences, and so far that has exactly what she has done.

Dan Andrade caught up with the Jersey star about her experiences playing for Goshen College and Anita gave us an insight into what American College football/soccer is like!

The full interview is below!

How nervous were you going into the season?

I was pretty nervous going into the season because I knew the standards were high and I thought it would be tough to find a starting spot! I was nervous playing the ranked top teams in my conference because we would have classroom sessions and watch footage of them and it was crazy how good they were!

Who did you play for and how quickly did you feel part of the team?

I play for Goshen College and I very quickly felt like part of the team! After a week of pre-season I knew I was making good friends and it might be an American thing but they are so friendly!

What was the first game like? Any memories from that day that stick out?

Our first game was a home game and a lot of people came to watch so I remember feeling nervous but after a 10 or so minutes I was fine. I think the game ended up as a draw but I loved every minute.

Have you enjoyed playing in a different country, against unknown opposition?

Absolutely!! In my conference we have many teams ranked in the top 10 in the whole nation for my division which makes it so tough but it’s amazing to play against talent I’ve never seen before. I’ve played against players who played for China and America etc national teams and it was challenging to say the least!

As a team how did the season go? Did you reach your goals?

We had a very new team with a lot of new international freshman so we were having to adjust as a team but we did well. We got through to conference quarter finals but got knocked out by a team top 3 in the nation, they also won nationals 10 years in a row.

And individually, are you pleased with how it went?

Individually I was pleased with how it went because I got a lot of assists and felt like a good impact to my team. I feel a lot fitter and stronger than before I left so it’s been good for me physically too. The intensity and commitments you have to make over there are very different to how things are in Jersey!

Is there now a rest before the new season?

When the season ended at the middle of November we had a week off but then we went straight back in the gym 3x a week. Now we have Christmas break, we still have gym workouts to do and running with testing the week we get back over there. I’ve already seen my timetable for Jan-April and it doesn’t look fun!

How pleased are you that you made the move, now your first season is done!

I am very pleased that I made the move because I have had an amazing experience with football over there with their facilities, coaching levels and level of talent. I have grown a lot as a player especially with the athletic aspect.. Americans know their fitness!

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