A lot of talk over the past year has been about the Jersey Cricket’s Men’s side, and rightly so, but the Women’s side have a lot of talent within their ranks and with plenty of opportunities to challenge themselves off island, they will only continue to get better.

Dan Andrade caught up with player and coach Rose Hill about her experiences, as well as what is coming up for the talented female cricketers!

The full interview is below!

Credit: Cricket Europe

Have you always been into sport?

It was just about the only thing I enjoyed at school! I played anything from football to netball, to basketball! Any type of sport! I only started properly playing cricket around eleven years ago. I was down the beach with my son and daughter for a family BBQ and the ladies team were down there promoting and one of them knew my son from fencing so encouraged him to bring me over, so that is where it all started! I trained with them at Farmers and haven’t looked back! My son and I both still play as he plays for Farmers and I play for Jersey!

What are your first memories of playing Cricket?

It was all just very exciting when I first got into it. It was something new. Even now, every time you go and play cricket it is different and that has stuck with me, and is why I enjoy it so much and the reason I am still playing.

What has been your highlight over the past eleven years playing the sport?

My favourite memory was when we went away for the European tournament in 2019, in France. We took a very young squad, with girls aged 10 included. That was mixed with more experienced players such as myself, as I was the oldest in that squad at 51! 14 of us went but some had to leave early so when we played against France we only had 10 players and we beat them! Jersey beat France! My highlight of that game was me and Chloe Greechan getting the winning runs at the end. The whole team were just so happy, it was a phenomenal achievement.

What is it like to represent Jersey off island?

It is just fantastic. It has taken me to so many countries. Putting on that shirt is something I am proud to do. It is such a young squad and I have seen them grow up and develop so it is great to see them shine. I am known as the ‘mother hen’ so I try and look after them all. It is definitely like one big family and we all work as a team, on and off the pitch. I love representing the island with this group of girls.

What do you prefer, playing or coaching?

I can’t pick one! Both! I know my playing career is coming to an end but I would love to keep going as long as my body allows it and as long I contribute to the team I will carry on. Coaching is amazing. As I touched on before, to see the girls progressing and develop each week gives me great satisfaction. There wasn’t many female coaches and I wanted to give something back to Jersey cricket, so coaching has been brilliant in that way too. There are so many stars coming through. The quality is there to see, and the set up is amazing for them to learn now. The best thing is that they are hungry to learn and improve.

What is the set up for the younger girls coming through?

During the winter we have the Lionesses on a Sunday 1pm-4pm. It is for all abilities, with three groups depending on whether they are beginners, intermediate or the more developed players. Then there is ‘My Club My Journey’ in the Summer as well. There is quite a lot of cricket for them which is wonderful.

What is the best thing about being involved in Jersey Women’s Cricket?

I have loved being part of a really close team, with a fantastic atmosphere. It is amazing to feel a part of that special family. Obviously going away and putting on that Jersey shirt gives me immense pride as well.

How much would you encourage others to join?

I think the 100 ball format has really worked because it has encouraged more people to talk about cricket as they watched it on TV and it was explained so well by the commentators and pundits. Lots of people want to start to play off the back of that. We have a great structure as well now, with coach Lee Meloy for the women’s team along with assistant coaches Luke Gallichan and Jake Dunford, as well as Elliot Corbel who comes along as well. That has certainly helped encourage more people to join, and their commitment will improve you as a player if you did want to join.

What can we look forward to from Jersey Women’s Cricket over the next year?

We have so much coming up! The Jersey squad is going to France in May for a T20 Series, against France. Then in June we have a T20 Series against Guernsey which is over here. We haven’t had a inter-insular for the last few years so that is a very exciting one as we have grown as a side and are definitely better than the last time we faced Guernsey. In July we host Northern Lights from Belfast for a T20 series. We travelled to them last year and they beat us so it will be good if we can get a bit of revenge! Following that, in August we have a match against Middlesex before heading to a T20 series out in Austria. There is plenty of cricket, as well as in house games we have on island against some of the boys teams which gets us ready. It is so exciting!

What is next for you personally?

I love the game so much I will stay involved as long as I am able to. I still love playing so I will continue to play as long as my body allows and I enjoy it. Coaching wise I want to certainly carry on for many years, and try to help our future women’s cricket stars reach their potential!

Credit: Cricket Europe

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