As we continue to battle against the worst pandemic most of us have ever seen, we need to continue to stay POSITIVE.


For me personally it has undoubtedly been the hardest part of my life to date. I have lost a family member who I was very close to and loved very much. Another family member is on the front line, helping those who need her the most along with the many other NHS heroes. Another elderly family member is home alone and been unable to go outside since the first week of March. As a freelancer, near to all my working opportunities have vanished. And finally myself and my dad have been left alone to do the cooking, cleaning and everything else, whilst attempting not to burn the house down.



Whilst all the above, apart from (surprisingly) the latter, has been very emotional, I believe that we need to stay positive during these times – which isn’t helped by the daily reminders on the various news outlets of the dire situation we are in. They are doing their jobs, and the news is there for all to see so I don’t hold anything against them. However, I believe if it is over watched/read it is doing our mental health no good whatsoever.



I personally watch the headlines of local news at 6pm, and then the full 10pm news every night, whilst looking out for the latest local update. This balance works for me as I feel informed but not overwhelmed by worry/panic. Don’t watch too much, have a balance.



I believe that we need to focus on staying strong for those around us. Take advantage of the positives that the modern age of social media has given us. Phone/Skype/FaceTime those family members who are alone – it changes their days, it sometimes even makes it. Message your friends – they do care and are missing you just the same as you’re missing them. Talk to those who live with you rather than hiding away in your rooms, this is where your bonds can grow and grow. Do those jobs that you/others (your mum/partners) have been desperate for you to do. Make plans for when we are out and free to live our life’s again. Do things that have a POSITIVE impact on your life.



I personally have been staying on top of my weekly fitness regime. I am probably doing more exercise than I usually do, and have seen results. Get running. Do an online class. It really is a mood booster and will help your day be better, whilst possibly having even better, very positive long term effects on your body.



Has it been the toughest month of my life? Without a doubt.



Will I come out of this stronger? Try and stop me.



Think POSITIVE. We are ONE.





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