Introducing Breath By Breath Fitness

Running is an activity that so many of us have taken up over the last 12 months. Some did it once, some stayed a bit longer and others have become somewhat addicted and have carried on to this day.

Catia Riva is a runner who has big ambitions when it comes to training and competing, but also in helping others towards their running and fitness goals. Over lockdown Catia created Breath By Breath Fitness and Dan Andrade caught up with her to see what it is and how people could get involved.

‘I started running with my mum when I was 12 years old and got addicted to it!’ explained Catia. ‘Throughout my studies and whilst I travelled I continued running as you don’t need a lot, literally a pair of trainers. I like to use it as an escape and as a meditation as it allows me to check in on my body, and also my head each day. When you are running there is nothing to be attended to, sorted or planned and all that you can do is put one foot in front of the other.’

Catia is hoping to represent Jersey in the Island games, too! ‘Over the last few years I have been running with a bit more intention to improve my speed and increase my distance. Not only has my body got stronger, but I feel my brain has too. The next goal for me would be running the Half Marathon at the Island Games.’

Talking about the formation of Breath By Breath Fitness Catia explained ‘At the beginning of 2020 I decided to build a business on the concept and lessons that I have learnt from my life so far. I wanted to help people reach health goals, but also help them transfer what they learnt through fitness into their day to day life’s. I want to make people realise that they can achieve anything if they put their mind to it.’

Like many buisnesses, Breath By Breath Fitness has moved online as a result of the ongoing pandemic. ‘The buisness has been very online focused because of the restrictions. I want to help people through this time, be that through fitness. self-care or mindset.’

In terms of what she can offer, Catia explained ‘It is a business that helps people get fit physically and mentally. I want to show people that fitness and running is not just a way to lose weight but also an amazing way to keep in touch with your body and your mind as a whole. I try to help clients realise how movement makes you feel rather than how it changes the way you look, although body change can have a positive outcome as well. I offer bespoke training support to help you achieve your running ambitions. I will create a plan and then be present every step of the way with you. I am a qualified personal trainer, yoga instructor and running coach so I use all three of these aspects as well as my own personal experience to help others become fitter and more confident.’

In terms of the origin of the name, Catia says ‘Breath by breath is a nice way to explain how I train people. I like to train people to find the connection between movement and breath and in turn find a connection with their body and the way it feels. Breathing is the most natural process, yet it is often done unconsciously, however you can change your breath and through breath you can change your emotional state so it really is quite powerful. It will always be a process, and sometimes a slow one, so breath by breath is a way to explain the step by step process.’

In terms of what experiences Catia does have and how they will help her coach and inspire others, she explained ‘It is how I live my life. I was diagnosed with Lupus around 6 years ago and from hospitalisation and being unable to walk, I have built myself up to full fitness and running marathons within a couple of years. This was completely achieved through changing my lifestyle and focusing on diet, meditation, yoga and running. These are the elements that have become a deep passion and it has gone from ‘I must run or meditate’ to I want to. Hopefully this will help others push to achieve their goals.’

Catia summed Breath By Breath Fitness up by stating ‘It’s a lifestyle business with the intention of changing your lifestyle for the better.’

Find Breath By Breath Fitness on Instagram to find out more about Catia’s brilliant business and if you are interested get in touch with her by sending that page a message or emailing

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